Troy: Myth and Reality

British Museum, Bloomsbury until March 8, 2020

This exhibition is grand, sweeping, ambitious and profound. Take a deep breath and set aside an afternoon because it's so worth it. The Trojan myth has lasted for millennia. Trojan Prince Paris promises Greek Queen Helen, the goddess Aphrodite. He takes her from her husband and drags her across the Aegean to become his wife. The Greeks are not happy and brutally surround Troy for ten years, eventually sneaking into town by equestrian means and putting the place in the trash. In all its violence, jealousy and aggression, Troy has become the most enduring of legends. This is just one of the lessons we will surely learn in this exciting exhibition, which will be full of art, objects and beautiful things from ancient Greece.


Steve McQueen: Year 3

Tate Britain, Millbank until May 3, 2020

In this amazing and ambitious project, Steve McQueen (Turner Award and Oscar winner) invited all of his third year high school classes in London to take his photographs. They are now part of a huge facility that captures the diversity of one of the largest cities in the world. For sure, unforgettable.


Dora Maar

Tate Modern, Bankside

Tate Modern now features Dora Maar's largest retrospective ever held in Britain, again extolling another female artist neglected by history. His surrealist works use an extensive archive of photographs and photomontages, but his career has been slightly overshadowed by his relationship with Picasso. The exhibition stays until March 2020.



V&A, South Kensington until April 19, 2020.

Visit this great exhibition that shows how cars have moved and moved around the modern world.


The Clash: London Calling

Museum of London, Barbican until March 20, 2020

For all London music fans: The London Museum features a free exhibition dedicated to the city's biggest punk band, The Clash. The museum has collected over 100 items from the band's archive related to the album “London Calling”, you can't miss it!

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