Did you know that MyRoom in London has an exclusive website only for downloading free ebooks about London? That's right. It was a long time ago that we wanted to write news here for the readers of our news but we never succeeded.

Our goal as a company has always been to help all those who have the dream of having a life experience in one of the most spectacular and cosmopolitan cities in the world - London. Precisely because of this, it is large and complex and can leave people (especially those whose level of English is basic) lost. We are sure that courage is very important and getting out of our comfort zone is one of the great advantages of a lot of winners, but why not help with some extra information?

Thinking about it, in partnership with the company StepstoFly , we work together to pass on important tips and information to those who are thinking about living (or are already living) on Queen's Land. There are 15 exclusive ebooks already published (and many more to come) and more than 500 people have downloaded ebooks in the last 6 months.

1. Ebook - 10 indispensable applications for your day-to-day life in London

2. Ebook - 5 Steps to Opening a Bank Account in London

3. Ebook - 5 Tips to Get a Job in London

4. Ebook - 10 Tips to Save on London

5. Ebook - 10 Tips on How to Rent a Room in London

6. Ebook - 10 Tips on London Public Transportation

7. Ebook - 10 places to visit in London in just 1 day

8. Ebook - Learn how to write an invitation letter

9. Ebook - How to Prepare to Live Abroad

10. Ebook - How long does it take and how does it fit in London?

11. Ebook - 7 Tips on Walking with Children in London

12. Ebook - 5 Tips to Pass Quiet by Immigration

13. Ebook - 5 Traditions in British Cuisine

14. Ebook - 7 Essential Tips for Your Trip to London

15. Ebook - 7 different activities to do for free in London

Download yours now and enjoy reading! If you have any suggestions or want to know anything, write to us |

A hug, Roberta

Ps. This text was written by Roberta Weber Calabró, founder of Steps to Fly and co-founder of the company MeuQuartoemLondres and MeuQuartoemPortugal .



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