It starts to get dark sooner. The leaves fall all over the trees and the branches begin to show. A sign that winter is coming in the capital of England. But have you ever stopped to think how many wonderful things this city has at this time of year?

The city is full of lights, the Christmas decorations take care of all the parts, the ice skating rinks and the Christmas markets are everywhere. Check out our post today, 5 things not to do in December in London.

1) Seeing the Christmas lights - As we mentioned before the city is full of lights and going out to stroll around the city is an attraction apart. Oxford Street, Regent Street, Covent Garden, Carnaby Street and the Westfield mall are some of the sites of beautiful Christmas decorations.

2) Visit the Winter Wonderland - This famous park located inside Hyde Park is one of the favorite programs of the galley during the Christmas season. Giant Wheel, children's toys, many food and decoration benches, and the Bavarian space with music, drinks and typical foods of Germany are one of the main attractions of the park, which has free admission. Look here.

3) Ice Skating - Simm! One of the coolest shows in London this time of year is ice skating. Even if you do not know how to skate, you can stop and have a look. Usually, next to them, you will find benches with the famous Mulled Wine (typical drink at this time) or Hot Cider. Some of the best known places are the National History Museum, Tower of London and Canary Wharf.

4) Listen to music at the Royal Albert Hall Christmas Festival - Pay attention at the Christmas concerts of this incredible venue, Royal Albert Hall. Listening to the hundreds of voices singing the Christmas songs are to thrill anyone. See here.

5) Watch fireworks in the London Eye - A real dream is not it? Well yes .... The most celebrated New Year's Eve party in London 2018 takes place around the famous Ferris wheel, the London Eye. However, in recent years tickets are required to watch the show. Tickets cost £ 10 and each person can buy up to 4. Access this site and read more.

This text was written by Roberta Weber Calabró, author of the Complete Steps to Fly Guide in London.

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